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National and Local Government:

UNDP works with some 40 government ministries and agencies at the national and sub-national levels. With such a wide array of partners, it is important to ensure that the relationship between UNDP and the Government of Afghanistan remains strategically oriented and that a strong mechanism exists for dialogue. UNDP places the Government in the centre on all formal consultations on UNDP’s role in Afghanistan, as well as informal discussions on an ongoing basis to assist UNDP in identifying the needs of the government, addressing gaps in programming, and ensuring that UNDP's interventions are as responsive as possible.



The implementation of the UNDP Country Programme depends on the willingness of bilateral donors and international financial institutions to partner with us. UNDP works to strengthen its partnerships with members of the international community by actively consulting with donors at the levels of both country strategy and project outcome. Moreover, UNDP will continue to provide the highest degree of accountability in terms of its monitoring and evaluating as well as results and financial reporting.



Partnerships with NGOs/CSOs are further strengthened in view of the community-level activities proposed under UNDP interventions. They have also played a useful role in community mobilization. UNDP works with CSOs in the monitoring of MDGs, service delivery and democratic governance. The Afghan media (print, electronic and new media) and journalists associations are an important partner in communicating development messages.


The UNDP Network:

The UNDP Network makes available a wealth of global knowledge and experience on development. It draws upon the expertise available in areas such as poverty reduction, democratic governance, gender equality, environmental sustainability, capacity development, crisis prevention and recovery, and South-South Cooperation in the UNDP Regional Service Centres as well as its Headquarters’ units such the Bureaus for Crisis Prevention and Recovery, Development Policy and the Partnerships. In promoting South-South Cooperation, UNDP also encourages the government to tap on knowledge from countries and institutions in the Global South. UNDP continues to work closely with national and international United Nations Volunteers in the implementation of its projects.


UN Country Team:

To further the effectiveness of the integrated mission agenda and in view of the interdependent nature of Millennium Development Goals, it is imperative that the UN agencies work together towards common national goals. Under the UNDAF 2009 – 2013, the UN Country Team is working towards identifying, designing and implementing joint programmes involving one or more of the UN agencies.


UN Agencies:

Globally, UNDP plays a dual role, as development partner and as manager of the United Nations Resident Coordinator system, pursuant to its mandate from the United Nations General Assembly.


UNDP as Manager of the United Nations Resident Coordinator System

The Resident Coordinator system encompasses all organizations of the United Nations dealing with operational activities for development. It aims to bring together the different United Nations agencies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operational activities at the country level. Resident Coordinators, who are managed through UNDP, lead United Nations Country Teams (UNCTs) in more than 160 countries and are the designated representatives of the United Nations Secretary-General for Development. Working closely with national governments, Resident Coordinators and UNCTs advocate the interests and mandates of the United Nations drawing on the support and guidance of the entire United Nations family.


UNDP as a Development Partner

UNDP as a development partner is a member of the UNCT in Afghanistan among the other United Nations agencies, funds and programmes active in the country. All UNDP activities are undertaken in close collaboration with the Government of Afghanistan, sister UN agencies and other development stakeholders.

Afghanistan Government:

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