Afghanistan Millennium Development Goals Report 2010

23 May 2011


This MDG 2010 Report presents an analysis of progress on the MDG targets set by Afghanistan, one of the states striving to reduce poverty in the midst of serious insecure conditions that it continues to encounter. Emerging out of decades of conflicts, we took the bold step in 2004 to join the league of countries committed to pursue policies and strategies to reach the millennium
development goal targets and reduce poverty. As a late comer to the league, we set our millennium development goal targets for 2020 instead of 2015. Through using a set of selected indicators this report measures our country’s progress towards the targets it set for each of the goals from the original baseline position it started.

Despite difficulties in data collection due to initial lack of technical capacity, inadequate resources and insecure conditions hampering data collection, the Central Statistics Organization and our line ministries have collected as much data as possible, which enabled us to prepare this report for the Millennium Summit. Our data analyses reflect our current position in the targets we have set, relative to our initial (baseline) conditions but our data also shows some absolute progress we have made, which might look small in closing the gap between the initial condition and the MDG targets, yet their achievements, which reflect a resource constrained determination in pursuit of the millennium development goals.

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